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  1. Ive never seen yours personally, I am mainly talking about some of the **** that I see on pirate and another local site. I call it weld gore. And people wonder why our MVI laws are so strict
  2. Yeah thats a pita, I hope you disconnected your battery! Practice is key, there are a lot of people that say "yeah I can weld" and they really cant haha
  3. Did you weld in place or on a table? Being comfortable is key, Do a "dry run" before you actually strike an arc and see if you are comfy and how much you'll be able to get done. I aim for at least 6" of weld at a time. Also dont start or stop in corners, go about an inch or 2 away from corners. makes things easier if you need to tear it apart or grind out tacks to cover them up
  4. I only added the mig video because as far as I can gather, most of y'all use mig. Pay attention to the motion and speed he uses while welding, makes for more uniform beads.
  5. This guy knows his stuff, subscribe to his channel and you'll learn a few things. I've been watching a lot of his tig videos and can identify what I was doing wrong. He has a lot more vids so check em out!
  6. http://www.emfrodends.com/ Pricier but rebuildable and made in Canada by one of the best offroad fabbers out there
  7. To sleeve stuff and get it straight and with uniform welds make yourself a set of pipe rollers out ofcasters borrowed from something else around the garage. Similar to this but x2 It allows you to roll the tubing while you're welding it so you can do it all in one shot
  8. When I get 220 wired up in my garage anyone that wants a quick lesson on stick welding can just let me know. So much better than mig if you know how to do it
  9. Just ordered these: http://www.ebay.com/itm/2x-Blue-1-25-31mm-12-SMD-DE3175-DE3022-LED-Bulbs-For-Car-Interior-light-12V-HH-/222006139619?hash=item33b098dae3:g:20AAAOSwFqJWjEha&vxp=mtr Should be way better than the tired old bulb thats in it and its dirt cheap
  10. You sound like me haha. I aint cheap, just thrifty!
  11. Your ideas are intriguing to me and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter.
  12. How in the holy hell do you give a lifetime warranty on a bearing anyways? Ive always wondered that
  13. Makes you want to kick a puppy they are so frustrating the first time haha
  14. Agreed. I think the only real problem that ive ever had was on the toyora cone washers. They are bastards kg if youve never done them. I have it down to a science now haha
  15. I personally never re-use ubolts because theyre always such a **** to get them off so now i dont even bother trying and use mr makita and a hammer.
  16. I dont think the rust on the mild steel would be any different than if you were using nickle or zinc plated hardware. I could be wrong, who knows.
  17. You can buy grade 8 stainless hardware...
  18. Also, realistically its 1/16" gap in diameter. You could just go with bigger hardware which might not be a bad idea anyways if you get some decent and proper stainless bolts and stainless nylock nuts.
  19. They say its 5/8 but Ill bet otherwise, like I said I had to ream mine out bit. Honestly you should buy the whole kit as its only like $25 (at least thats what I paid) and makes a hell of a difference. Not to mention takes away any slop in the rest of your suspension.
  20. @jay I had to buy a kit for Old man emu springs a few years back and it came with what you are looking for I do believe. Energy suspension systems was the one that I got and problem I had was having to ream out the bushings about an 1/8" to fit the sleeve. Other than that it came with all bushings for that truck ; shock,spring and I am pretty sure body mount bushings. This perhaps? http://www.amazon.ca/Energy-Suspension-9-8107G-Hourglass-Bushing/dp/B000CN9D3K
  21. @jay I used to have buckets of that stuff literally thanks to a company that I used to build rigs for out west, they would charge it to a job and then just buy new for the next one and so on. Sometimes ya gotta love big oil
  22. @jay thats bitchin looking man. I like it. Good plan on the anti-seize. I use it on the dreaded toyota cone washers and it makes a hellish job a walk in the park.
  23. Bends are easy, I always **** up these brackets somehow
  24. Nice! I wish I would have know that you had those, I would have asked you to trace the mounting bracket for me
  25. Yeah man, worth their weight in gold
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