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  1. This ones old but it still cracks me up
  2. Should call Tom Mcdonnell's and ask if Gerry can have a look at it. The man knows his ****.
  3. Got the donar truck today! 98 4runner 2.7. $300 via facebook. Needs serious work haha. I know ya'll are jealous of that snorkel
  4. Haha the engine stuff is top secret at the moment. I've already said too much
  5. I did happen to find a nice pair of 2001-2005 Honda Civic seat in the free section on kijiji so I went and grabbed those yesterday. A lot more comfortable than the worn out old SR5 seats. Pretty stoked to install them. I also might have something a new power plant coming my way today... 3RZ-FE 2.7 Toy engine but its not 100% yet
  6. Sadly, I havent done anything to mine in a while. I should start the "What did you do to OTHER peoples rig today?" thread
  7. Dont talk about fight club
  8. I hear that, I'm in the north end and theres nothing winter related around here
  9. If you clamp a small piece of scotch brite pad over your wire before it hits the drive rollers it should keep your wire clean of rust/oil/dust before it makes it to the arc and keeps your hose liner clean.
  10. Yeah real fluxcore uses gas. Alot of big fabrication uses it and sometimes the wire comes spooled in 50 gallon drums but most shops get it on the 50lb spools. I wouldnt bother getting fluxcore wire that requires gas, for most 4x4 applications mig will do just fine.
  11. The problem is that a lot don't treat it like the skilled trade that it is. Fluxcore on one of the little 110 machines vs fluxcore on a big 240 or 3 phase machine is a serious difference. With the right gas (something like argoshield or c25) there is virtually no spatter at all. Its when you get into the higher co2 it makes the puddle a bit more fluid ad the wire has a tendency to stab the puddle causing it to splash sort of. Its an easy fix, just adjust your voltage or your wire speed aka amps
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