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  1. By "something along the lines" I meant a high quality ATF fluid but no worries, the offer stands if you change your mind
  2. @Brunet-Hemi I can maybe price you up some higher quality fluids for your trans. Something along the lines of Liqui-moly or Eneos but I am not 100% sure that we sell what you would need at my work
  3. Also, have you guys who have been out to Kenny seen any 2WD 1st/2nd/3rd gen Toy pickups? I need rear spring plates off one
  4. I have the ford style on my 82 yota but didnt have a drill press to drill the stainless out on them properly so I just welded the little ******* to the doors... Dont do that
  5. They're about $400 but worth it in my opinion. They are called bolt busters and you can get them on amazon
  6. Never done one on a X before but it shouldnt be much worse than any other trans. Just get a buddy and a bunch of extension for your ratchet and a wobble joint. Do the transmission input shaft seal while you're in that deep and maybe give everything a good clean.
  7. Haha it came out EXACTLY the way it was supposed too
  8. Had a date with a tranny, (Looking at you @derekmac) He/she/it is a lot cleaner now
  9. Any 1st gen 4runners or 2nd gen Hilux? I need a sun roof and doors with window vents
  10. I seriously have AC/DC Jail break stuck in my head after seeing this picture
  11. I love this effin truck!
  12. Or if horsepower isnt his thing just get a old toyota! Ever wonder what its like to be passed by everything on the highway? Atleast the parts and tech are plentiful...
  13. Yeah death wobble is sketch. My 82 Toyota had it at around 110kmh, but hitting 110kmh is a 82 toy is a rare thing. Everything has to be right, wind at your back and going down a steep *** hill. Having all my welding gear and tools in the back probably helped it from shaking too too much
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