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  1. Needed for my daily driver. Also looking for chev T56 trans for a different project
  2. 82Yota

    2005 RX-8

    Haven't updated in a while. Tore into one of the 5.3 motors, I have it stripped to the bare block, just trying to decide what route I'm gonna go for a rebuild kit and have it machined at Nova. Looking for a NV3500 5speed trans from a s10 or Sonoma or a t56 6 speed from a Camaro if anyone knows of either please feel free to MSG me.
  3. There's a couple different versions of high pressure power steering lines for those jeeps, get me a part number and I'll search my inventory
  4. Holy crap! Welcome back man!
  5. The only weak points on those that I know for sure are the transmissions. My friend and me bought one a while back just to flip and after pulling a valve body from one at Kenny's and swapping it in it still didn't run in anything but 2nd gear. It ended up being slightly parted out and then sent for scrap. Too many other projects.
  6. Updates? I don't use FB so just curious
  7. 82Yota

    2005 RX-8

    Got 2x 5.3L motors today for a smokin price. Gotta start a proper tear down here soon
  8. Happy bday man. Glad you're doing better!
  9. 82Yota

    2005 RX-8

    Hell yes. Keep your eyes open for some wrecked LS powered vehicles for me would ya? Won't consider anything that isn't a V8 tho haha
  10. 82Yota

    2005 RX-8

    Also, after researching the Mazda fanboy forums I found a couple reasons that it might not start. Rotary engines are prone to "flooding". After a deflood procedure it's up and running and hauls a lot of *** for a 1.3L engine. It's still getting an LS, but at least now I can drive it in and out of the garage.
  11. Being a parts delivery guy I see a lot of cars that just sit and rot in parking lots and behind garages. Spotted this gem sitting on Windmill Rd a couple of months ago and always meant to ask about it but never got around to it till Friday. Rotors were rusty and it wouldn't start because of a dead battery etc etc. I was told when I asked about it that it had a blown motor and it wouldn't start. The first thing that came to mind was a LS2 swap so I didn't care about the junky German rotary engine under the hood. She's a 1.3L 6 speed manual, all leather and has a sunroof.
  12. Oh man that's terrible news!
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