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  1. Whoa! It's in my hood for once...
  2. There is a Redseal mechanic on the board here... He should pipe in and give us some insight
  3. Half doors are the shiz but I thought because cherokees were unibody that half doors/no doors were a bad idea? Or did I read some BS?
  4. Thanks for your comments, truck has several new parts (radiator, tires - 2 sets) extra distributor, computer, etc.  So yes it will take some work on engine and body, but the transmission is fine so would be ideal for a project for someone who enjoys this sort of classic truck.  Would be willing to discuss price.

  5. Thats funny cause mine didnt scan or whatever last night so I just ran through it. Zero shits given
  6. We also have a lot of Eneos, Liqui-moly and Red line.
  7. By "something along the lines" I meant a high quality ATF fluid but no worries, the offer stands if you change your mind
  8. @Brunet-Hemi I can maybe price you up some higher quality fluids for your trans. Something along the lines of Liqui-moly or Eneos but I am not 100% sure that we sell what you would need at my work
  9. Also, have you guys who have been out to Kenny seen any 2WD 1st/2nd/3rd gen Toy pickups? I need rear spring plates off one
  10. I have the ford style on my 82 yota but didnt have a drill press to drill the stainless out on them properly so I just welded the little ******* to the doors... Dont do that
  11. Never done one on a X before but it shouldnt be much worse than any other trans. Just get a buddy and a bunch of extension for your ratchet and a wobble joint. Do the transmission input shaft seal while you're in that deep and maybe give everything a good clean.
  12. Haha it came out EXACTLY the way it was supposed too
  13. Had a date with a tranny, (Looking at you @derekmac) He/she/it is a lot cleaner now
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