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  1. 82Yota


    Get me part numbers!
  2. 82Yota


    I told them to call when all the parts arrived and I didn't hear from them today but I will be going to CQ Halifax tomorrow to grab other stuff and I'll have them look into it anyways. You neede to price up anything else when I am there? I get great deals on fluids too.
  3. 82Yota


    New bearings and a seal en-route!
  4. Haha man, thats gonna be a cool rig. Has anyone told you that you're batshit crazy lately?
  5. Whoa... What was that truck before you got it? Water transport? Also, since you're gonna be working on a lot heavier gear, If you need a stick welder that runs off 240 let me know!
  6. 82Yota


    I'll let ya know. If you can find a bigger rad that will swap in just text me and I'll look for that one too
  7. 82Yota


    Ill check Monday and get back to you. What year rad am I looking for? (Being that you have a Frankensami its best that I ask)
  8. 82Yota


    If I recall correctly I looked up a Samurai heater core and rad through work and they weren't pricey at all.
  9. Whoa! It's in my hood for once...
  10. 82Yota


    Smart man you grandfather is, I'll have to bank that one
  11. There is a Redseal mechanic on the board here... He should pipe in and give us some insight
  12. 82Yota


    @jay I have some Toy front springs that I will be getting rid of in a bit that you can have when I put my rears up front. Not sure if they will work for your application though
  13. Go talk to Adam at Maximum lube and Tire (in behind Dartmouth surplus) He has some great deals on tires.
  14. Half doors are the shiz but I thought because cherokees were unibody that half doors/no doors were a bad idea? Or did I read some BS?
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