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  1. Screwdrivering the starter defeated your anti theft switch? Looks like a lot of fun! You know what's even worse than not having rig and web wheeling? Having a rig that you don't have time to fix and web wheeling.
  2. Sounds great! Thanks for sharing @sar4x4. I want to get the Heep sorted out (low priority when settling into a new-to-you house) and get back out on the trails doing some exploration.
  3. Really nice rig! Excited to see it on the trails. @sar4x4 we need to get out on some of these trails. I have not been out exploring with you for years!
  4. Looks really good on the road! You said you could take two rigs with this? On the deck and on a lift?
  5. Does anyone make a "Haynes Manual" for these? I found a parts diagram. Looks like there is an alternator, a magneto, and a regulator.
  6. So my "new" tractor isn't charging the battery. It will start fine when the battery is charged (tender). When the tractor is running (full throttle) the battery shows 12.5V. Tested the battery and it's showing 286 / 300 CCA. This leads me to charging system issue. Anyone familiar with these? It's a JD branded Briggs & Stratton 20HP motor. I've been trying to research. I believe this is the model 40N877-0002-G1. Thoughts?
  7. I love these big old trucks. Big square nose ones. I should buy an old U-Haul.
  8. Good find! It's nice to be able to rattle can / touch up a rig. Mopar makes color matched spray cans for my color code as well ... not something I can get from Canadian Tire (unfortunately), but at least they have the color available.
  9. Looks a lot better @ovrlndr ... methinks this will be more reliable in future as well. Not to mention you are familiar with the wiring now!
  10. Oof ... makes sense. Good homage.
  11. Nice work! Any significance behind the name?
  12. Wow! Nice and bright. Nobody is going to miss the side of you now I love LED, but run into issues with "too smart for their own good" computers complaining about burnt out bulbs (not enough resistance). I know you can work around this, but it's another layer.
  13. This. TBH I'm not sure that the "club" has any legal liability ... it's a loosely organized thing, not formal, not registered. I'd be more concerned about personal liability - to your point.
  14. Thanks for posting this @ovrlndr ... face masks are a pain and yadda yadda ... but safety first. This club has always been about safety and preparedness; this is no different. I'm not sure what would happen / how the club might be held liable as well - businesses can get big fines, organizers, etc. Better safe than sorry.
  15. This is the company I'm thinking of CAROBOTOR – See the wider world ... different group.
  16. Woah. Are these the same folks that make the JK digital dash?
  17. haha I like the GPS! Where'd you get that? I've always thought about putting a clinometer in my rigs ... never have.
  18. Sounds like I'm in good company! Any tips / tricks / recommendations beyond basic maintenance?
  19. Picked this rig up today with a handful of hours on it for (what I think is) a good deal.
  20. Sweet! Is it a day trip or multiple days like MUD of yore?
  21. Sweet! Thanks @sar4x4. I love recce and finding new trails. Were you out in the Danger Ranger?
  22. lol - my garage is full of boxes and junk to be unpacked. Jeep is out in the wind!
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