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  1. You may not get a reply here ,your best bet would be to call the number posted.
  2. does this mean I get mine back
  3. The biggest that I've seen around Are 4000lb come a lones , and you can get them at PA ,Canadian tire,probly more places .On sale at PA 4000lb lift and 8000lb pull for 29.99
  4. Dakota do you have a CB? If so bring it to.
  5. not in a rush ,it's to drop my spare down so i can see a little more out the back window . Thanks
  6. Hi need a 9/16 or 5/8 drill bit with a 1/2 shank to drill 4 holes . Making a 3 1/4 in tire drop bracket for my spare.Anyone got one I could borrow?
  7. looking for a storage box for the bock of my truck , something about 30in long x 24in wide x 12in high. Any Ideas Been trying to find a Military foot locker or something like that .
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