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  1. I need to post a finished picture of the deck!

    More importantly:  the Scout went back into the garage on Sunday.

    We started the brakes on Monday. Got the LR parts all off and a new wheel cylinder installed. It wasn’t leaking, I’m just refreshing all the brake parts.  They haven’t been touched in 20 yrs.

    Also removed two Thermo/vacuum  sensors from the intake manifold.  They are no longer hooked to anything, and capped off,  BUT one was leaking coolant.  I had wondered for a couple of years where the coolant was coming from...  Jocelyn noticed it leaking!


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  2. 9 hours ago, Powerram said:

    Will also use this as a off roading rig, be back in the woods again





    Sounds great!  Also I’ll finally have a good backup plan should / when ever I need it.  I couldn’t expect something like a JK to haul the Burb through a swamp / gnarly trail any great distance, or similar.

    I know, I know, I have to get ‘er back on the road first!  👌

  3. Sounds about right!  Glad to hear things sound like they are steady, and may be getting busier.  If we weren’t all on lockdown I’m sure we’d see you out there somewhere!

    Looking forward to hearing about some good recoveries!  

  4. 1 hour ago, SQRLPWR said:

    It's not a very long trail......

     That would need lockers and a hot dry day

    Not long, but a long-ish way in and out, depending on which way ya go.  

    Lockers and dry weather.  That sounds like the yet unconquered hill at the south end of Muddy Myra area.


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  5. Day 1, Project #3.


    Tore old deck down last summer, and prepped the area.


    Landing and steps removed.



    Possibly a bit over-built.  2”x10” instead of 2”x6” or 2”x8”.  Engineered ‘screw’ fasteners, galvanized lag bolts and  bolts, etc.  No ‘tin’ joist hangers / deck screws joining the joists and posts.


  6. Took/taking an unplanned diversion from the rigs.  My brother is using his garage for a short bit.

    1) Installed two shut-off valves, new sink and taps.

    2) Built a small foundation, and currently erecting a garden shed.  The 10’ x 14’ x 9’ shed is crammed full..

    3) Building a new patio deck.








  7. LED bulbs all installed, and flashers changed to LED compatible versions. Crazy amount of half-hidden bulbs in the dash, but we think we got them all.  Pics another time.

    New dash knobs mostly installed.  (Still have to install the identification labels, now that they’re in their proper orientation.)

    Rear ‘cubby-hole’ cabinet installation started.

    Etc etc.

    Now taking a few days off to complete some house maintenance (also my bro has his rig in the garage 🤷‍♂️).

  8. 18 hours ago, autumnwalker said:

    Wow! Those are bright. Are they dimable too?

    Lol, I don’t know!  Never crossed my mind or I read it and I don’t remember. We’re going to finish the installation today and do a better test..


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