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  1. Thanks Len for the FYI leak LOLOL. And I got my signature updated :bravo:
  2. Hey guys here's a little video of today. We had a blast thanks again for having us. Enjoy.
  3. Well Charlene and I had an awesome day with some great people. Thank you for letting us run along with you guys today :bravo:
  4. that looks awesome. Taking it on the run tomorrow .
  5. Thanks Daren, See everyone in the AM. Boss said it would be Ok to go. :smiley-dance005: :smiley-dance005:
  6. Have to check with the Boss to see what's on for tomorrow. But I just ran down and took a little run back the trail as far as the first lake on the left. There is lots of snow on the trail and the only thing that has been back there is ATVs.
  7. Awesome!! Now to check with the Boss to see what's on for the weekend. Thanks Guys :thinking:
  8. Don't know, what's the trail like? Haven't been back there in many years.
  9. Cool is that the Tims up by the Timberlea Traven?
  10. Hey Guy long time no see :) . Nice looking rig man,Give me a invite next time you're heding out on a trail. Always a awesome time out wheeling with you guys. Take care, Roy & Charlene B)
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