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  1. legal and stuff, awesome. For record it's truly a dodge motor :smiley-transport027:
  2. No room here or the tools here, safer at the folks. Any garage time I would have had this winter is now gone.Dad bought a camper to work on over the winter, so it'll be in the garage. well most of it, 2' longer than garage. Nah Holly doesn't blame simple at all, just the faulty connection from throttle to steering wheel. Honestly everything but the ground wire was all stuff I planned to change anyways when I could.Only actual damage to me was the frame being twisted, but easy fix. If I had my own garage to put it in and leave in while I work on it, it wouldnt be for sale, it'd been torn apar
  3. Does it turn off with the key if the head lights aren't on? Seems like you have power from headlight wire feeding into the ignition wire.
  4. Yuuuup! Put my rig fer sale today.
  5. Think I finally figured out what lit the fire under your but. Lease on house/garage up this fall hunh? As Clare said lookin good.
  6. Think he;s got some work to do to the rear.
  7. If you need any lumber and stop in lumbermart I'm upstairs. Sweet deal and QUIET location.
  8. I'm looking for a new place to live for sept 1st. A list of the details I am looking for; quiet, cheaper, decent area(safe to plark my truck kinda area), parking, a private rental if possible or small building, all inclusive would be great, does not need to be on bus route, no roomates and close to HRM (no dartmouths sorry). I would consider any size from studio/ bach, lofts, basement apt, 1-3bdr (price dependant obviously), I would like to stay away from large apartment buildings if at all possible. The less nieghbors the better, would like a somewhat quiet place. Ideally I would like to pa
  9. I have a near mint Eq that has been siting in a closet for close to three years now. It's the last remaining part from my car audio days and honestly have no use for it. Always saved it just incase I would need it again but think the time has come to let it go. Before I have tried to sell it for $100 knowing that I wouldn't get many bites and not really wanting to sell. That said I'm now asking $60 firm. Comes in original box with book and all hardware. Only "Issue" is that the trim plate has been cut to fit in a custom application. I have used it with out the trim plate and looks good. http:
  10. I have been told by some wise and experienced people not to use the PA farm jacks. I guess the handle catch isn't as safe and can release the handle causing injury. Put it this way the first person who told me not to use one lost an eye to one.
  11. I have a 48" jack all that has never seen mud, only been used to work on my beast never as recovery. It's in mint shape minuis some paint off the beam from use. I'm looking at 60" Hi-lift so I may be selling mine. But not sure yet whats happening so I thought I would see if anyone on here was interested in it. Only reason I would be selling it is I could reeally use a 60" jack more than a 48", bad when you have to put a block under the jack to change a rear tire lol OH yeah pirce would be what I paid for it hmm 3-4 months ago $60 firm, possibly trades who knows.
  12. Yeah I saw that, would cost me that much in gas to go get it lol
  13. Well folks my income tax is comming back to me so I would like to find a used 110 mig that has atleast 100amps of power. A wire feed will do just as well as I may never use gas. Prefer a lincoln if possible. Thanks Tim
  14. I have a 8' x 12' truck box (striaght truck style) with roll up door I need gone. The floor isn't in the best condtion has a few floor ribs broken but works great. You bring the flat deck and it's yours. Located in mt Uniacke. I have brought this to the attention of a scrap metal man so if you want it act fast.
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