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  1. So did you pull the third member to see what is broke
  2. Ya Guy's is a mutiport fuel injected 460
  3. Aint worth fixing fenders any more with cost of new ones these days
  4. If that is a magnaflow they are lifetime warranty
  5. ya its mine my daughter works there
  6. That would be mine Faith is working tonight lol
  7. If it is bayerslake my jeep will be there anyway ;-)
  8. I am getting into this I just completed a swap into a 87 Oldsmobile cutlas supreme with a 4.8 and 4l60e with all systems integrated did custom gauges and built a y pipe for the exhaust and flashed computer. It works awesome I will post some pics in a bit
  9. Ready for a ls swap are you Gene if so i can help you out with that you wouldn't regret it ;-)
  10. I know myself I picked up a set of sway bar discos yesterday from Ray at cvo for same price on rough countries web site before shipping and taxes. That being said I have ordered more than my fair share online and understand the time and convience of it
  11. There wasva bunch of sami parts on kijiji just the other night dave
  12. I will wave on my way by with camper taking it up to viditos tonight got to get the ford done so i dont have to make so many trips
  13. As james suggested :) http://www.backcountry4x4club.ca/forums/topic/3457-need-a-lift/
  14. All left up to interpitation of the enforcement officer
  15. Speed sensors are at the wheels instead of the transmision
  16. This has officially left the shop all road legal and every stuff :smiley-dance005: :smiley-transport027: :D
  17. I happen to know there has been some progress on this where are the pics
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