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  1. Jay you should run out to my shop and look through my driveshaft pile and see if anything will work
  2. I can't make coffee night but I would like to get them from you maybe the next coffee night that is closer to town lol
  3. I wouldnt mind trying theme out but I think the back spacing would be wrong
  4. What do the toy rims look like Jay I am on the hunt for 16's
  5. I have a transmission jack adapter that goes on a floor jack that you are welcome to borrow . Thom knows where I am
  6. Not too likely usually you have too take the converter right out and reinstall
  7. You will have to remove the tranny and reset the torque converter that is why the tranny was so hard to install . You should never have to force them together
  8. My guess is she turned it off and got sucked back through the exhaust . You should never turn your vehicle off if the tail pipe is submerged
  9. We built a tie rod for Andrew's f 150 sas it was sleeved we welded it up and ground it smooth with a flap disc painted it black then through a ruff country sticker on it . Looked factory
  10. Say hi to Kirsti then she is working there tonight
  11. I know they were stocking alot of that dana stuff when Andy was there
  12. I wouldnt waste my time or money putting joints in those axles there's nothing left to them
  13. parts for trucks on prospect rd stocks a lot of those axles and they are reasonably priced
  14. I would use a cold chisel in the gap
  15. I use solder and heat shrink tube on everything
  16. I do Automotive wiring Gene if you ever need anything sorted out
  17. my burb gets 15l/100 winter dont know summer yet
  18. wow you can really see the stretch :smiley-transport027:
  19. Lol my truck is my next project other then helping Scott with a little job
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