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  1. 20 hours ago, Powerram said:

    It will fit, I hauled a crew cab long box f350 on a 16'

    Deck over and between the wheels both have pros and cons, yes break over angle is an issue, some of that can be relieved by having a 10k jack on the front, lift the nose of the trailer to load Lower items, helps, but doesn't fix everything. Can do the same on a standard car trailer too, iv had corvettes on my 20' 14kgvwr trailer that is between the wheels.  An added bonus of the deck over is width, and all flat, makes hauling big hot tubs a breeze. The other question is, what are you hauling it with? 

    Deck over puts your hauled item up into the airstream more. For example hauling a lifted jeep on deck over will be well above the roofline of most pickups and in the breaking its own wind path, something to think about for efficiency, that adds alot of wind resistance, increasing fuel consumption

    I do the jack for all cars on my trailor

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