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  1. Still no power here not excpected unti Wednesday . Cell service is spotty at best . Had none until this morning . Only damage is lost one of the shades off outside light on garage .
  2. I do the jack for all cars on my trailor
  3. With a deck over you can forget about hauliing cars . To much breakover at the ramps . I have that problem with low cars on my trailer
  4. Have we been hacked alot ? I stayed logged in on my phone . I have no clue what my password is lol
  5. Your choice . Not sure why you need to annouce it
  6. Ya it was . That was the first time I ever went up it
  7. Hey Matt check your messages on Facebook
  8. Say hi to Kirsti then she is working there tonight
  9. ya its mine my daughter works there
  10. That would be mine Faith is working tonight lol
  11. If it is bayerslake my jeep will be there anyway ;-)
  12. I will wave on my way by with camper taking it up to viditos tonight got to get the ford done so i dont have to make so many trips
  13. As james suggested :) http://www.backcountry4x4club.ca/forums/topic/3457-need-a-lift/
  14. All left up to interpitation of the enforcement officer
  15. This has officially left the shop all road legal and every stuff :smiley-dance005: :smiley-transport027: :D
  16. I happen to know there has been some progress on this where are the pics
  17. it wasn't worth the time to paint
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