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  1. Congrats on the new gig Tom.
  2. Yesterday i was able to replace the alternator and belt in my xj. Charged battery and fired it up for the first time in a couple weeks. Sure was good to hear it running!
  3. CT has 20 foot rolls for $5.99 i believe. I picked some up last week.....though i will be using it for lawn edging
  4. The 35's look great!
  5. My alternator crapped out near the end of a renfrew run the other weekend. Finally got it out this weekend after much cursing, and no rebuilding it like i had hoped, housing/casing is cracked in several spots. Hoping to pick up a reman in the next couple days and get the xj back up and running
  6. New caliper, pads, shoes/springs and two ball joints. Now just need to get some wrangler ebrake cables since the current are way too short.
  7. I was gonna ask the same thing. Since you are already tearing it apart, may as well do the timing belt.
  8. Tires and rims look great. As for me, i greased everything on the jeep that has a zerk fitting...and started prepping for the rear floor and frame repair.
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