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  1. Those turned out wicked! really changes the look of the jeep.
  2. Those turned out great. Can't wait to see them mounted!
  3. Congrats on the new gig Tom.
  4. I too am planning on picking up a set of these...hoping for end of january if funds permit.
  5. Yesterday i was able to replace the alternator and belt in my xj. Charged battery and fired it up for the first time in a couple weeks. Sure was good to hear it running!
  6. CT has 20 foot rolls for $5.99 i believe. I picked some up last week.....though i will be using it for lawn edging
  7. The 35's look great!
  8. My alternator crapped out near the end of a renfrew run the other weekend. Finally got it out this weekend after much cursing, and no rebuilding it like i had hoped, housing/casing is cracked in several spots. Hoping to pick up a reman in the next couple days and get the xj back up and running
  9. I missed that you were selling them with rims...which i would not need. What sort of shape are they in? If you decide to sell seperately, let me know and perhaps we can work something out.
  10. what would you be looking to get for the duratracs if you decided to sell?
  11. New caliper, pads, shoes/springs and two ball joints. Now just need to get some wrangler ebrake cables since the current are way too short.
  12. I was gonna ask the same thing. Since you are already tearing it apart, may as well do the timing belt.
  13. Tires and rims look great. As for me, i greased everything on the jeep that has a zerk fitting...and started prepping for the rear floor and frame repair.
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