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  1. yes it is , we'll do another run this spring , i just have to get " back " into the swing of things here soon . Pun was intended lol
  2. congrats man , gonna bring it down to sweetland this year?
  3. Nice looking jeep pretty boy !
  4. She's a nice rig and should have lots of power for towing . A buddy of mine has a f350 v10 and gets better milage with it than some contractors are getting with the new chev diesel's. And it's a ford :rolleyes:
  5. Nice heavy duty rig ,thought the burb was the rig???
  6. Oh don't worry Rattax ol buddy ,it has already been hooked to the bronco
  7. I took this from another board i am on in truro area. http://coreoffroad.proboards.com/index.cgi Just thought I'd send out a note that if your interested in a ProComp suspension... For the Month of December only, there are now currently 2 mail in rebate offers available. IF you purchase a ProComp lift off me I'll give you the additional form that you can complete to get a check of either $400 or $250 depending on the lift you bought. Receive a $400 Pro Comp Mail-in Rebate with the purchase of a Pro Comp suspension system with shocks of $1,000 or more. Receive a $250 Pro Comp Mail
  8. I guess i'll start this off My rig is a 1990 fullsize ford bronco 6" skyjacker lift ,351 auto e40d ,D 44 FR lsd , 8.8 R fozzy locked , 3:55 gears , manual hubs, 315/75/16 baja claws ,9000lb winch , lots of dents now with 315/75/16 BAJA CLAWS
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