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  1. Thanks Autumwalker, I would agree that the running boards do not have any structure to them. Would anyone have any recommendations for a good set for a 2016 4runner? Would something like this be a bolt on? (Note: I am new to all of this so I don't know if that's a dumb question.) M.U.D runs sound fun...meaning I would love to see that kind of stuff but likely not in the rig haha
  2. Hey All, I have a 2016 4runner SR5 with full offroad package. Came with a 3" Toytec lift and I would like to start taking this rig into the woods and have some fun. Nothing too crazy since I don't have the kit to allow me to do that. I would like to do some camping in it and find some cool spots off the beaten trail. Looking forward to getting out there even with the state of affairs at the moment. Photo attached.
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