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  1. Those are some strait forward answers! thanks guys. Seen a lot of the bumper dragging on vids online. I can start looking into some bumper protection when I get on a few more trials. Thanks for that its been a major concern for me for a while, bought the truck without overlanding in mind. looking forward to my first club run!
  2. Hey guys, I'm still very new to all things 4x4. I have a 2013 dual cab long bed tacoma (6') and i was wondering if the longer wheel base will give me any restrictions to what trails I would be able to go on in the future. I see A LOT of tacoma builds online and most of them are the short bed (5') Tacoma. Wondering what your thoughts are and if ill struggel doing some trails. FYI, rock climbing is not really in the picture for me anyways, more so light trails to begin with then maybe something a little more tough as i get more gear and more comfortable. Cheers,
  3. Thanks! I will definitely join whenever the next one is schedualed! ive been flying through this site, with not much else to do at the moment, except explore more hikes looking forward to the next coffee meet. Any suggestions to where to look online for some potential upgrades to the truck. or where to start looking for some good info?
  4. Hey guys, just got my truck about a year ago to use for work in Toronto. I have since moved back to this amazing province and was hoping to get involved in some back country 4wD to explore some trails and get out into the woods/do some camping that is a little further out then what my two legs cant get me to in such a fun manner! I got a 2013 Tacoma, completely stock minus new tires i got about 5 months ago. Like i said i am super new to this and will be slow to do any upgrades to my truck but am hoping to be a part of this community hopefully this summer when i have time when school is finished. I attached a photo of my truck and am looking forward to meeting some folks this summer for some coffee meets for some advice, possible routes, good friends and maybe even some good starter trails! Cheers! Note, these are my old set of tires, they were very bald got wrangler duratec ones now. told they were good for some easy or beginner 4WD
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