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  1. Good video I am a fabricator and love to weld I think the best advice I can give is the more comfortable the position you are in the better the weld not only that but the old saying for mig is clean and close the material needs to be clean and your ground should be close to the work. Stick you can get away with the metal being a little dirty but even a bit of paint will make for a bad weld.
  2. Happy birthday man hope you have a good one

  3. Thanks for the heads up I will look in to it I actually have all the stuff to convert a Chevy axle to five lug so that would be perfect thanks again man ;)
  4. I did the mvi on your wrecker power ram when I was working at parts for trucks small world lol
  5. She has a 360 in her but would love to slam a 440 in her and once I get her all one color those hood emblems would be a nice touch lol
  6. Going to be picking up a new project rig scored a barn find 1979 dodge power ram macho plan to swap out the old Dana 44 front for a Dana60 and got a set of 38" swampers will get some pics when the rig comes home ,) cheers Matt
  7. Sounds good jay my truck is a 2012 ram 1500 custom 5" suspension lift I built 3" body lift from proformance accessories 35"bf mud tires custom wheele spacers I built cold air intake custom paint I will get some pics on here as soon as possible
  8. Hay all I am obviously new here hope to meet some new faces and get some mud on the tires soon cheers Matt
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