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  1. where is the fun in that :smiley-transport027: .............. :help: .............. :smiley-sad058: ............ :lol_sign:
  2. you're brave bringing your better half to meet "this group"......lol
  3. still undecided. :smiley-think005: . may have to lend a hand to a friend moving, not sure what day that is yet :smiley-sad058:
  4. lol.....good one with the avatar :bravo:
  5. Scott did you see the d44 from a 70 bronco. its narrow enough to fit in your xj. i think it was $100
  6. still got a few things to finish before i start drivin it fulltime, :thinking: it's gonna be my daily driver. with the 5.2l it gets down the road ok. :smiley-transport027: .......just sayin :smiley-music037: B) how have you folks been Roy? i'd like to thank Lil'monster for all the help
  7. soooo...........how much did you pay James for the poser pics. :smiley-think005: :smiley-laughing021:
  8. only those toyota drivers are brave enough to try that stuff
  9. I hear ya. it's a Toyota with an attitude :smiley-transport027: :smiley-dance005:
  10. yes they're in it, just folded down the colour looks cool in the sun B) p.s. thanks Lil'Monster :cheers:
  11. I noticed the first vid is Autumn Walker rescuing my Bronco :smiley-sad058: :smiley-laughing021:. somebody had to be first :smiley-gen069:
  12. we're thinking a few weeks to completion. almost have all the mechanical done 98%, and quite a bit of the body welded up.
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