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  1. so does this mean u are putting the hummer up :)
  2. ok then show me then i will stick with what i said and do it right after u but not on her madien voyage need to work the bugs out first she is just newly built so I will let u know when I am ready to do it :)
  3. well since everyone seems to be intrested in what the first run of the ole girl is goin to be I will say this it mightbe bump and grind and it might not be but if it is THE HILL as everyone likes to call it will not be done on her madein voyage or for as long as she is my daily driver and just incase everyone thinks i am chicking out i put the challenge out there if u want to see her go throught "THE HILL" while she is my daily driver put ur daily driver where ur mouth is and do it first while i witness it
  4. not gonna make it for sunday got a personal thing i am dealin with right now so what work i am gettin done is in what ever free time i have in between dealin with all that but hopefully by next weekend she will be done as long as the weather holds out but this is NS wait five seconds and the weather will change :smiley-sad058: :smiley-scared002: :)
  5. well i got a little more done got the box cleaned up and undercoated and the box liner in and today i painted the floor in the cab so once that dries good will be starting on the interior B)
  6. well got a little more done over the weekend got the front bumper mounted with help from one of our newest members Thanks billy for the help B)
  7. I don't know how far along it is last time i seen it which was two weeks ago or more he had just start the body work so don't know how far along he isw with it
  9. well got some other things done to her again over the last few days it was nothing magor just got my tail lights mounted and working gas filler neck mounted and started on some of the stuff for the interior she comin togehter slowly but i get there have some more pics whgen she is done no piont in takin pics for all the little stuff so i will try to keep everyone up to date with the progress of how things are going but it is furstrating when the weather doesn't help the ole girl don't fit in the the shop now so everything is done out side now i have been putting her in half way but still makes things slow
  10. well here are the pics the box is on as far as what is left to do I have to put the rear bumper on after it is painted and blead the brakes make brackets for the front bumper and mount it get the e brake workin and put interior in that is pretty well it and after all that is done get it MVI'd
  11. got the colour on the box now gonna get it on the truck this weekend
  12. well finally got back at the ole girl over the last week and got the box in primer hopfully will get the box on the truck this weekend will have some pics when i get a chance
  13. well got back at the rig today guy, clarence came up to help me take the box off the the doner truck and put in the shop will start work on it tomorrowor mon hopefully will have it done and on the truck buy the weekend
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