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  1. The Renfrew trail is wide open. I cut some things today and the ice in all the puddles is broken up or melted.
  2. Sweet I'm going to give it a try. Derek we were back in Renfrew today and it is muddy on the powerline! The Renfrew Trail itself we only went as far as the rock and turned around there. The puddles didn't look too badly frozen though. I might try to do the whole run tomorrow.
  3. They have 4 of them here in Elmsdale. Are they good? I have been waiting for them to go on sale.
  4. Know what it is really missing though? Mud!
  5. I know a silver 2 door Rubicon that gets stuck all the time, but I blame the driver, lol. Congrats on the purchase. Looks like it is in excellent shape.
  6. Installed new RC Steering stabilizer and relocation brackets from APJ's. Went out for a run to test it out and punctured a tire. Plugged tire and decided to rotate. Quick fixed front sway bar skid plate from falling. it's been a full day.
  7. I have an add on warranty package from the dealer that convers any wheel and tire on it. (so I am told)
  8. I have the Goodyear Duratrac that I bought from Canadian Tire. I am really impressed with it in all condition so far. 315 70 17
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