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  1. i dont get people sometimes. toyotaholics are running drill rd on sun, but people are voting to go there sat also... just go on sun seems to make mores sence. i tried to sway the vote for ya colin, but it didnt seem to work. river rats are running big jones may 12 if you want to try that trail then
  2. truck is looking nice but take the fozzy out of the front since they break front axles on an open diff fairly easy also. im starting to think you like it being broken. i run a fozzy lock, but in the rear where the axles are beefy enough to hold up to it.
  3. rubs your tube bumper... thats why they advertise that things wont fit. 90% of the truck lift kits go on street machines with stock bumpers. people get pretty happy when they make something work that shouldnt, customers get really upset when something doesnt work/fit thats advertised to work.
  4. front and rear getting locked or just the front?
  5. very nice. it will feel unstoppable compared to the falcons
  6. cant make it for the entire weekend but may try to come down sat for the day run. is this allowed and ifso what would cost be, still $35 or $20 per day?
  7. forgot to post after checking trail. whoever sent you that info jay must have been lost or something. we ran the whole trail and not one part of it has been touched/changed. the first part of the trail on the power lines is starting to grow in a bit worse for people who are worried about there paint. but we run full size rig with lift and there were no issues fitting anywhere
  8. maybe the pump in the tank is restricting the high pressure pump from getting the fuel it needs. try feeding the pump from a jug, directly into the fuel line that comes from the filter to the pump
  9. nice! still planning to remove the body lift? i just switched to 6 in susp also but not planning on using my body lift as of yet. they get pretty high with both
  10. 90% of it is powerline so it cant be changed that much. we have camps in that area, i will check it out this weekend. maybe run it. and you should try tj's. it was tight in 3 spots
  11. k. there is 2 pumps i believe. i dont know bar to well but yeah you need to be in the 2400psi range. i think its prob a pressure thing because i would think if every injector was clogged the 1 injector would not have fallin apart while you were checkin as that doesnt seem like it was stuck. find out tomorrow? are you taking the injectors somewhere to be tested?
  12. it will prob be required to get pumps primed
  13. so just release the the hard line (a little bit) that feeds the injectors to see if the pumps are primed
  14. 20 years ago... your best bet will prob be a crf 230 for off road, and for duel sport any of the 250s
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