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  1. Yep, fire ball of my burnt wrecker below. I'm not real creative on naming things, so figured it suits
  2. Found out the park brake on the towtruck will hold the truck while it's empty on an incline, but not while loaded on the same incline. Going to look more into this tomorrow, iv adjusted it once before when it wouldn't hold anything, hoping it just needs a little more adjusting. Iv ran it back and forth to work for a bit, drivability is good, had a few minor fuel supply issues, I have found and carry tools specific to roadside repairs on that. Overall it's working good. Iv got the Business Name reserved, just need to register for the next step. FIREBALL TOWING & RECOVERY
  3. Another test load, transported this car to filming sets 2 nights in a row.
  4. Iv got a d140 I think it is , about 55 hrs on it now.
  5. 100% on the road, now working out some equipment details to make it ready to tow
  6. Just a thought, If you Bevel the edges so it a tighter fit, but not closed, could probably get it in one pass, and still keep enough penetration, also preheating the thick material helps too, looking good, another thought, Wondering if the crack will crack somewhere else from making that connection ridgid between the frame rails? What about having a rubber mount on the framework where the cross member meets the frame rails, just thoughts out loud
  7. Yep, pretty close lol, Dropped the truck off for some suspension work and mvi, so when I get it back it will inspected and ready to print money
  8. Should be able to transmit and receive better in that location.
  9. Some more repairs and upgrades, some minor, some major, installed green led backlighting in the gauages, finished detailing the interior and did some wet sanding and polishing on the wheels, a pair of new front tires and built new slides on top of the frame for the deck to ride on. The old slide rails were rotten, and made of wood. New ones are heavy duty and have uhmw for antifriction surface. Also building the rails gave me a chance to try out my new welder. One other long term issue I have with this truck is that 100kmph the engine spins at 2789rpm and max Engine rpm is 2800. Gearing is 4.88:1/6.64:1 in the 2 speed rearend, and direct 1:1 in 5th gear on the transmission. I can't go with larger tires for two reasons, one is they don't clear the rear fenders and 2nd is loading angles of the ramp. Haven't had any luck finding any faster speed rear ends, so that leaves me with either finding a overdrive transmission, which is also kind of a needle in a haystack, or adding an aux overdrive transmission behind the transmission already there. That's probably the way it will go, but just thoughts, for now , I'll be that slow truck on the highway
  10. Awesome rig, can't wait to see it in action
  11. Yes, easy to read, and it's a non glare screen too.
  12. Thanks, it was a cubbyhole where the Speedo is, the 3 gauges below are in the stereo hole
  13. Installed the GPS speedometer,
  14. Little more done on the interior carpeting, finished the pass side and also did the lower part of the back wall of the cab, just need to reinstall the seat, that project is finished for now. Not bad for $40
  15. kinda tested myself with some putter projects, first real things iv done since the first week of July, installing carpet in the towtruck, the rubber floor only goes to the edge of the seat, and it's buckets , so the raw ugly cold floor now gives a clean comfortable look. There are alot of profiles and things to work around, but I'm happy with the results. Took the risers off the seat base, now my head doesn't hit the roof anymore.
  16. Looks like a different truck without them
  17. I'm 50/50 on the look of the flares, but agree without proper prep they accelerate rust, and I hate them to wheel with as they are plastic and stick out begging for a branch to remove them, so probably best off removed. Next question, want to sell them?
  18. Doesn't need to be exact for me, just need something that will ball park it, +or -5 don't care. I'm not scientific by any means lok Tracey's car is in mph, and tight increments, so it is an interpretation of what 100kmph is haha. The needle was roughly between 60 and 65mph on the car and GPS said 100km, so I'm happy with it. Once I get a feel for what speeds feel like in the truck, ill probably never look at speedometer again, but having not had much seat time and zero reference for speed, can only gauge from guessing, and it won't speed on the highway lol.
  19. Received the GPS speedometer yesterday, has some secondary functions on it that are unable to be set, like the altitude, it only goes down to 750m and up to 995 for calibration, doesn't do much good around here to calibrate it and was showing 1435m right out of the box, But the speedometer works great , tried it in Tracey's car yesterday, seems accurate and can be calibrated if needed but seems close enough for me as is. Finds signal quickly once powered up. And can shut off all secondary functions so that just speed is displayed in the center of the screen. Feels cheap in fit and finish, which it was cheap, but will do the job.
  20. Ordered a GPS speedometer as the original speedometer reads wrong, and with the 2 speed rear end throws it out alot including milage. The GPS speedometer is digital and cheap, to track milage on the towtruck I'm going to install a Hubometer, which will fasten to the hub of the wheel, and when the tire turns , it tracks the revolution and is permanent set to the tire size on the truck. Basically an odometer on the wheel. Here are pics of a Hubometer and the GPS speedometer I have ordered.
  21. This is on Amazon.ca for $15 and there is also the 2 pin rectangular shape flasher for led light conversion. Roughly same price
  22. , is there a body lift in your truck, have they collapsed the rubbers or pulled one through so it is sitting improperly on the mount? Have to check and determine weather the frame/chassis causing the lean or if it is the body creating the lean.
  23. Check your spring tower , they are known to fatigue and stretch up , also worst case scenario they trap rust on the back side and frame gets thin .
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