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  1. I never made it back in time to make it
  2. I wish mine only cost 1270 plus tax.....
  3. Oh yeah. But need to do some work on the clutch line still. Failed on the way home. But am very impressed with front axles. Steering on hard lock and no u-joint bind
  4. Tested and functional
  5. All 3 in the same shot
  6. Ah ha.... How many of yous have seen CV shafts in the front of a ttb ford??.... well, for those of you who haven't , here is 3 CV joints in front axle of an 86 F150
  7. So an update. Rcv axles almost completely installed in the front end now. Was up to 1 last night . they don't give much room to tighten ball joints with those big cv in there. GOOD BYE WHIMPY SHAFTS WITH U JOINTS HAHA
  8. Update. Transmission , with new clutch is installed and exhaust is tightened up, t- case is in. That part is done. Now I'm tearing into the front end.
  9. WOO HOOOOOO!!!!! Flywheel has arrived , just have to pick it up after work today .... Also picked up some new header collector gaskets and gaskets for header to head. Figured I'd fix the minor exhaust leaks while it was apart. Going to change the passenger side header too. Much easier with no trans or starter on . I hate exhaust leaks....and this truck has been plagued with minor leaks from day one. Just on sealing surfaces. , the pipes are tight. Also I'll pick up the gear oil tonight when I pick up the flywheel.
  10. Ahahha.... Carquest to the rescue. They will have the flywheel here for tomorrow am for me. And only 15 dollars more. EXCELENT.....
  11. So some crappy news, the flywheel won't be in till Monday, possibly Tuesday but I'll still make it for the 20 . going to shift my attention to the axles for this weekend. Going to start on the front axles tonight and hopefully have that apart tonight so tomorrow night will be reassembly of the front. Then Saturday do the rear axles.
  12. Lol, that would be cool for about 5 min in my truck haha. Then there would not be a truck left haha
  13. Flywheel is a day away, so I'll order it tomorrow, I work for the next 2 days and off all weekend. Works out good. She will be ready for the 20th. The rest of the parts came in on Monday and today.
  14. Progress and a pause. Transfer case , exhaust, cross members , transmission are all on the ground. But no reassembly due to flywheel that is NFG. Tomorrow I'll order a new flywheel and start reassembly.. So some pics
  15. Picked up 3 out of 4 ball joints today. the 4th should be here tomorrow . T-case is ready to cone out, exhaust is off, gotta finish unbolting the cross member tonight. Then the trans will start coming out. Still a few goodies in the mail , estimated arrival date is June 8 and 9. So still looking good for time line to wheel on the 20th. Things still needed are a few feet of 4 inch exhaust pipe and 90° elbow to match.
  16. Man at work today. Moving some things around the garage to make room for a long box ext cab ford haha. Picked up some plywood for the floor to lay on. Hopefully she fits through the door lol
  17. Well, clutch parts are here finally, new air filter in the parts pile, just need to pick up compression union for the line and get ready to tear it all apart. Going to build a snorkel, too. Sucked in a bunch of water last time out. And install the RCV axles. Kinda funny, replacing the axles, I usually dont upgrade any parts till I prove them faulty through extensive testing, but in this case I'll make an exception. Iv broken enough axle shafts I guess I can let these ones live hahah As for the engine.... I'm going to sit on it for a while longer. I'll keep running the 302 for now.
  18. Iv gotta work on the 24 :(
  19. So now I have some options having a broken truck. The clutch is going to be replaced but while I'm at it I think I'm going to pull the engine out. There is nothing wrong with it ( which is strange because I never replace or upgrade till I break it but I don't think it will ever break) other than the fact that 130 HP is not enough for this truck. I have a 351 that I've been sitting on for a while that that might find its way into this truck. I just have to figure out if its as easy as swapping the ecm or if I'll have to use the entire setup out of the 351 truck. Which is not a big deal but if I use the other setup I'm going to change the dash out to the newer style dash with a tach from the 1989 truck. Ah, decisions decisions lol
  20. Makes a big difference being able to put the traction down.
  21. Also, make sure your winch is intended for syn rope , some winches are not ment for syn rope and under a hard pull the "sinch" of the rope on the drum will actually distort or crush the drum
  22. With syn rope remember to not power your winch out . the heat from the brake will melt the rope
  23. Bye bye u-joints in the ford ttb axle . all my parts are here, just gotta take the time to put them in. Axles are gaurenteed never to break and have no questions warranty. Made by RCV
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