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  1. LED light bar is installed! Works Great! Forgot what it was like to have good off road lighting
  2. YHere is the bronco front in a its glory haha
  3. Been a while, but here is an update, And yes I know, another direction lol. I had Toyota axles for this truck, however it is not cost effective for me to build these axles up, maybe the parts are expensive or I'm just cheap, or a combination of both, so I have sold them . Now in my possession is an early bronco d44 front diff, and I still have the Nissan Xterra rear diff H233B with 4.90 gears. The front diff came complete with front frame , steering and suspension cutoff at the firewall. The steering box is outboard on the frame. The bronco diff is 5 lug drum brakes, I'll be converting it to disc , and 6 lug using Chevy spindles, rotors, calipers and hubs. Still planning on the yj lift springs that I have for it. Should be able to start prepping for the swap once the weather is above 0 degC continuously.
  4. Truck has been working good, I now have a d30 high pinion solid front axle in my possession for this truck. But not doing anything with it until the Nissan is on the road.
  5. The lights on the back of the truck, iv been having some issues with them burning out, probably due to vibrations, the last filiment bulb I put in only lasted an hr and it was a grote 2.5" round marker lamp, so led markers in and no problems, now onto taillights, the taillights are just universal truck lights, similar to the old taillights on a YJ jeep, and take 1157 bulb and 1156 for reverse light. Princess auto has led 1157 led bulbs, and 1156 , so I took a chance on them, Wow! On the 1157, I went with the princess auto line and chose the red 1157 led and put it behind the red lens of the taillight, awesome! Nice bright and clear glow, daytime or night time. Signal/Brake is excellent too The 1156 PA brand Led bulb for the reverse lights SUCK! Just barely a glow, won't shine, put the 1156 filiment bulbs back in. Only negitive I see with the led bulbs is the lack of heat generated to keep the snow clear on the taillights, so periodically cleaning the snow off is nessary
  6. Did sparkplugs, and changed the fuel filter again, then light wheeling for the rest of the day received_2519739898172888.mp4
  7. Hope it's good for you, it's been in there a while now
  8. Before the roll bar , looked really long in the bed
  9. And green LED cluster backlighting
  10. PICTURES lol. Finished the lights on the roll bar, they operate, the switch is not my first choice as it is just 3m stuck to the dash, it came with something else , but is functional with red LED light for off and green led light when on.
  11. Like the chariot races with spikes on the hubs,
  12. Hopefully getting some pics, today, Baja Rollbar is now installed, removed the one remaining off road light from the bar and installed 2 smaller off road/fog lights? That were just sitting on the shelf. An LED light bar just didn't look right on this truck. I ran new 2 conductor 14ga wire through the tubes of the roll bar, also have the relay and interior switch wired, just need to connect the lights. Next thing on the mod list is to install a "tool" box in the bed, I have an odd box from the towtruck that opens "up" which is useless on the towtruck, but should work fine on this truck. Next order of business is to mount the winch, I have a plan, but need someone to supply and cut the pieces of material for me, looking to have 1/4 plate cut like an old school uprights on an old pushbar. I can make a cardboard template, both pieces identical.
  13. Took the little truck around ellershouse for a quick little Run, works good, but the driver side stub axle is popping out if the diff, it will need a new snap ring , iv already replaced the pass side axle shaft snap ring for the same reason, except it was jammed and alot more work to replace it. Driver side shouldn't be too bad to replace.
  14. I sold the SAS Xterra probably within a year of rebuilding it. We had a 2008 Xterra and that is the one she rolled over, this pic is from last summer
  15. I like to think of it as no evidence
  16. Tried the s15 out on two minor off road situations, worked flawlessly, scaled both with no issues, pretty happy with the results
  17. Looking forward to the privilege of that!
  18. It's official, I'm full time Towing full time for myself, FireballTowing and recovery! It's crazy leap, especially since I just committed to buying a new er car for Tracey after she flipped the Xterra. But I feel great, like a huge weight was lifted and scared at the same time! If anyone needs a tow, 902-329-3440 , or a heavy objects moved, I delivered a brand new snow blower and more odd non car related items. FireBall Towing and Recovery ! I'm so excited
  19. More Progress, and interesting find, I found the original keys to the truck, they were sitting in the glove box haha, oh well, at least I found them before I changed the door lock cylinders, saved some time there. I tore apart the front diff long side axle tube, replaced a snap ring, freed up the stuck shift collar and now the Duke has 4x4. tried it out around the yard, worked as it should, no issues. got it in for undercoating, I pulled the grille, headlight bezels, door vents and taillights in their parking lot, and they did an awesome job for me , got everywhere with it and lots of it as this truck was dry, very happy with the undercoating job. Installed a spare tire on a spare wheel, now I have a spare, Picked up new upper rad hose, I'll install that tomorrow, and I have an original s-10 BAJA faux rollbar. Going to mount it tomorrow too. It's got one original light still on it, looks kind of goofy with only one, I'll mount an led light bar on it
  20. @72LandRover88 saw you inbound on the 101 crossing lucasville overpass on Saturday, your Rover looks awesome with the cab and open bed, I was in the work towtruck headed out bound
  21. Very possible, probably right on that assumption, iv done temp fixes that worked good enough they become permanent lol
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