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  1. Yep, I hear ya there, my projects have been ignored due to busy schedule, but things are happening and hopefully will get back on track
  2. Nice!! Good to have steering and suspension stuff tight.
  3. Welcome to the site, nice Heep, there is a wealth of knowledge of the land and trails in here, however it's not openly posted on public to protect the land and land owners, come check out a meet on Thursday evenings, or a club run, and go from there. Sometimes a few club members will post some exploration dates , not an official run, but rather a small group of 2 or 3 rigs go and check some less traveled areas or visit some of the traditional wheeling locations. Usually every weekend there is some kind of activity. See ya out there,....as soon as I get a wheeling rig back together lol.
  4. The last of my steering and suspension pieces came today, except the tie rod, they substituted it with a paper oil filter!? Anyway trying to get that sorted out. Also got some new warn premium hubs too. Almost ready to pull the trigger and start yanking wrenches on this rig.
  5. WooHoo , shiny stuff showed up today
  6. Haha yep, still waiting on the next wave of parts, anything that is replaceable or rebuildable in the suspension is getting it done , that list is just what showed up so far, but not enough to start on yet. Still need a pile of stuff to show up before I can start Lol, I'm kind of curious myself how fast or slow the rebuilding and upgrading of the chassis is going to be
  7. First load of parts showed up, more coming
  8. Just too small for Recovery work, it would just be a toy, And it's still here , iv got a few parts hoarded for it Yep, setting it up to be able to hook into anything, wheels or not, big or small I'll haul them all, putting an old style wrecker boom in the back that way if some leverage is needed or just to pick something up or...? Possibilities are endless. It's going to be built the way iv been dreaming of building an off road Recovery truck.
  9. Will also use this as a off roading rig, be back in the woods again
  10. Most of the parts to rebuild the chassis and suspension are ordered, Still need to look at driveshafts and such, I'm not there yet, but been thinking about them, going to do 1410 series u-jounts in the front and rear driveshafts.
  11. Here are some pictures of the parts iv been accumulating for some time now. It all looks like junk, but it's all pretty solid , and has the right amount of beef. First pic is the frame I'll be using, I have to add a couple crossmembers to it and put the new cab perches on it. The front suspension will be removed and tossed, it's TTB d44 HD and of no use. Next pic is HP d60 front, nothing special, will be adding a leaf to that set of springs along with new bushings, and total rebuild, adding a locker and regearing. Tossing the 4.10:1 aside and installing 3.55:1. Next is the 8.25r16 military tires on steel wheels Picture of the black truck, it will give up it's front clip, hood, fenders , grille etc, Pretty rust free bed, and a super hard to find rare rad support , it's the HD version for the front end I'm using, a 1 Year only piece, and it's rust free And the white cab I'll be using. Power is coming from a Ford 6.6L inline 6 turbo diesel, backed by a Eaton fuller 6 speed and a divorced np205
  12. GOING OFF ROAD! Here is an Update on the towing, and looking at expanding the business. Towing has been going well, thanks everyone for the referrals, much appreciated. Iv had several calls now for off road recoverys, some iv had to turn down due to lack of equipment. Well , not any more. Now for the off road Recovery build. Iv just ordered a s#!t ton of new parts, including a grizzly locker for Dana 60. I sold my go fast adrenaline rush to fund this build to add to my dream. Starting with just a bare frame sitting on dirt and blocks. More to come . .. Stay tuned......
  13. Yep, snow was about 10" and it was a questionable winch fest by ourselves. I had Tracey and the kiddos for support lol
  14. I did it in the winter with the Xterra and open diffs lol
  15. Road cruza RA1100 are good, affordable all terrain tires and come in suv sizes. I had them on our caravan and loved them, we took that van all over dirt roads /mild trails and lived in the country with it. Was awesome. On my trucks I run Road cruza RA3200 which is more of a MT than an all terrain.
  16. Also got a new shop toy to play with, a very used but functional tire machine. Iv always had access to tiremachine, but since iv gone self employed I don't have that perk anymore. So here it is, tried it out on the spare tire for the Nissan, remove and reinstall lol. I'm happy with it, sure beats swapping tires manually lol.
  17. Not much of an update, but iv replaced the driver side door and a couple of little things,
  18. Something I do on bulb sockets on all my vehicles , is plug the socket full of dielectric grease, then stick the bulb into it, iv had to change alot of burnt out bulb sockets and pigtails, but never one iv " treated " to the grease , I think it helps cool the socket and wire contacts and prevents any corrosion too due to trapped moisture.
  19. Just sold my 4 wheeler , so getting ready to start putting this beast together
  20. It was aftermarket piece for the mini truck scene. This exact one was marketed for Nissan King cab mini trucks, there were several configuration available in the 80's for different wheelbase trucks.
  21. That's awesome, lots of progress!
  22. Picked up a fiberglass stepside Bed for the 720.
  23. Welcome, there is coffee night every Thursday in a rotating location schedule that's posted up. It's like meet and greet, can check out others rigs , ask and answer questions, gives us a chance to check out your rig.
  24. Good to know, looking into getting some
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