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  1. WIth the hammer down. Took me 94 hours to get here.
  2. Haha maybe a bit longer for most. Google maps says that's 5828kms from me. ;)
  3. ....? What would that be?
  4. I'm not really one for coffee...
  5. So the plan was for middle sackville this week but it has now changed to bayers lake. Then next week it will go to middle sackville instead of this week?
  6. Too many "this week" in that post. I'm confused.
  7. Sure did! Better than smashing the gas tank ;)
  8. My clear was all peeling on the hood so I redid it today. I had previously peeled the entire clearcoat off over a few days picking with a plastic putty scraper. Repainted using about 4 small cans of colour (Dupli-color Perfect Match) and 2 big cans of clear. Probably didn’t need that much colour but I had it so meh Scuffed Painted Cleared Done and drying Looks pretty decent now, but I will have to see it in the sun and next to the fenders.
  9. So you blind people 100% of the time, then when they return the favour you use the LED bar? Thats a dick move.
  10. Changed the cluster to red from white. Looks better/more uniform in person and pic is at lowest dim setting because they are crazy bright on high.
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