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  1. a shiny new Header, looking good bud! Cant wait to put your Magnaflow on my Yota v6...should sound mean
  2. I was trying but ended up workin late..just got back from a job in New Minus @ 8.. too pooped to drop by.
  3. Just me and Tom holdin it down
  4. I believe I will be showing up in the Yota
  5. fab'd up a winch plate and brackets for my 4runner today. Going to be all welded up tomorrow, holes drilled and ready to be mounted to the front end and welded / painted sunday..fingers crossed. the tabs will stick through my stock grill and my rollers will mount to that.. tight fit but it should be strong and look clean!
  6. Anyone going for coffee night regardless of Fridays meeting?
  7. Sorry I'd missed it...thought it was on Friday's? no matter I'll try to hit you guys up next week one suggestion on a good place would be the Bedford Commons Tim Hortons by the Canadian Tire they've got a huge parking lot right next to the Tim Hortons
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