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  1. Nice! Should do the job well.
  2. I used a torch but this seems to work too
  3. I put the same ones in the front end of the dakota. Went in really easy and seem to work well.
  5. To be replaced by another 4x4 I hope.
  6. Looks good sheet metal is easy anyway. Lol
  7. Transworld is $10 min cash $20 min debit. just something to keep in mind. CT would carry them as well but only grade 5.
  8. I might be late to the party...but when did you do the orange "Suzuki"
  9. No luck at all with bearings.
  10. I never would of thought of that.
  11. Fixed the play in Jessy's pinion. I was pretty sure it was just the crush sleeve causing it, so I ordered a shim kit to replace it with. I caught it early enough all the bearings were still good and I managed to get the right combination of shims on the first try
  12. The Dakota better still be there next time I go up. Lol
  13. The welds look good. You should see my welds on the mounts I just made. Not very pretty. But they'll hold.
  14. Spare parts for later
  15. It's fine. He's got about the same power. lol
  16. could be a softer material, giving them more sag. at least if the settle you can always throw the spacers back in, plus youll get more droop t of them regardless which is always nice.
  17. YES!!! to both the sliders and the colour!
  18. I do need a couple Jetta parts.
  19. I know they used too. I thought they sold it though.
  20. give it a couple years. Cummins won't let that be. lol
  21. Cummins is close. Thery are over 900 already
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