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    • Yes, that's something I'll be pursuing. I don't even know if the motor is hurt with it getting oil in the cylinders (motor oil observed in the intake), and you can see the transmission leak too - that most likely a transmission line issue. And my beloved Fierro seats - the drivers headrest structure is bent when it hit the ground. LOL. I can't bear to look at it....well can't open the hood. What a mess.
    • May be something to ask about. I have heard about "buying it back" before. No idea if it's real / how it works.
    • Thanks 🙂 IDK, I've no experience with insurance claims, as this is my first claim EVER.
    • Devistating. Really glad to hear you are ok though. If they do pay you out and "take it away" don't you have the ability to buy it back or is that not a thing?
    • I've owned dozens of vehicles in the past, from Alfa Romeo's, to mk1 Golf's and that bad to the bone '82 F150. But nothing has beaten this Tracker for smiles per hour....nothing. So it truly saddens me to write this post. A week ago, some ******* pulled out of the Bedford Legion right in-front of me, causing me to swerve and roll the rig as I hit the curb with my front right tire. I was knocked out as my head hit the curb, but thankfully here to tell the tale with minimal body damage. The rig however, is a write off. Everything above the frame is toast. The other driver took off, but thankfully there was enough witnesses and video to track him down. Apparently he left the scene because he saw I was still on 4 wheels - that my friends is bullsh1t. I rolled immediately after I near missed him...within a second. it was that quick. If he had looked, he would have known. He said he checked. Cops have charged him with leaving the scene, and failing to yield. So that's something I guess. I'm now waiting on an assessor to see what I'm left with. I'm obviously devastated, and trying to figure out next steps. In an perfect world, I'll get to keep the rig and have enough of a payout to import another southern rig and swap the upgrades over, AND still be able to insure it. IDK, I have a horrible feeling they will take it away.
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