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Photos and Videos

Post photos and videos from your off-road trips / trail rides here.

Forum Rules / Guidelines

Understand YOUR pictures can be used against you and will lead to changes in our very open land access laws. Water issues and complaints will be what is used to limit motorized access to lands. 


Do not take pictures and videos with water in them. Ideally stay out of water unless you have permission to be on the land.

Four years ago the ATV and snowmobile clubs got together to fight extremely tight new land access laws, that required written permission to access any private land. We now enjoy some of the most open and accessable land access laws in North America; do not take this for for granted and do not ruin it by running through water on the trails.

Activities like unauthorized mud bogging and water crossings will have land owners and environmentalists up in arms and it will only take a change in Government and some lobbyists to have all the laws changed again.

We are ALWAYS on thin ice. Adjust your activities accordingly so our sport / hobby is not legislated against.

Any picture or video in water or mud can lead to charges of habitat destruction from Department of Enviroment from a single annonymous complaint. They did it to ATVANS execs, they will do it to us.

Any member who posts photos or video including 4x4 vehicles in water will have their post immediately removed and will be warned. Thank you for your understanding.

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