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  2. Took an early morning drive to Lynds in Truro and got what I needed
  3. Problem is the length - PA, Transworld, Parts for Trucks, Fastenal or Fastening House Atlantic don't carry 7" 9/16 Heading out to Lynds in Truro as they have stock
  4. Does Transworld sell individuals again? For awhile there they were getting away from it I thought.
  5. Welcome Brad! Looking forward to showing you around some of the trails I still remember ... lol What is that space dome behind you in the 3rd pic?
  6. Welcome to the site, there's plenty for you to explore here
  7. More MVI prep. On this link kit, 2 link ends share a bracket with a grade 10, 9/16-18 7" long bolt. And true to form i got one side lube'd and tightened, only to strip the threads on the bolt. So a trip to Transworld for me on Monday
  8. Hi folks, New user, first post. Scott D sent me here. Moving to NS later this year, would like to join the offroad scene. 2014 Tacoma with offroad accessories. Looking forward to exploring new places. The pic with my bikes in the back was in NS last August at an Airbnb :p
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  10. Quite a bit back there i didn't even know existed but I think I've explored most of it now. Wouldn't mind some company if you're bored on a weekend sometime and wanna come out and get dirty PM me. I keep harassing Bill to come out but he's always too busy lol Have a few things back there I wanna try but want someone else with me just in case I dive in over my head hehehe
  11. Nice!! Good to have steering and suspension stuff tight.
  12. Had partial success. Got one of the joints dismantled and Dave got it greased and tightened up for me. One down.... Number 2 on the list had it's ball seized to the bolt. No amounts of BFH was shifting it, and because they are nylon, no heat is allowed unless replacing the bushing, and I didn't have spare bushings. Bushings just came in with new joints...
  13. Very sweet - sounds like you thoroughly conquered that trail system. I'd like to go back and run the less travelled sections again. It's been many, many years. @JKWhoo!, @Eastcoastcam, @Daren Cook ... those were the days
  14. As suspected... CAD collar was not engaged and I've been running in 2WD for the last while. Any wonder I needed a winch out of a few spots.... Collar is permanently locked in now (properly) and I ran Lucasville last night to the Sackville substation then out to the dead end at Sandy Lake Park, turned around and intended to just come out to the 102 and because I'm a cocky MF, I turned back toward Lucasville and went all the way back through to the end at Lucasville again. Under 3 hrs to do it all and wasn't really moving as quick as I could, just enjoying the night. Never winched, never got stu
  15. I seem to recall a much easier route but I don't remember the fence for the range being there but again its been 20+ years since I was back there last. My old Ford Exploder made it back all the way thru with no winch and 31" ETS Trailmaster remoulds lol. I have a suspicion something is wrong with my front axle engagement cause with 4xhigh the Heap should have climbed that hill without breaking a sweat but no dice... winch for the win!
  16. Thats what I bought her for She's a cantankerous old girl but goes through damn near everything lol
  17. I love this trail - it's so close and accessible and it's a fun little blast. There are a couple of different routes that were less explored (I'm years out of date now) and those are a LOT different than the main trail. Big wash out, lots of "less travelled" trail. I don't even know if I could find it now.
  18. lol re: ugga duggas. I don't remember where I heard that first, but it cracks me up each time. Looking at this reminds me how much I need to give the Heep some TLC. So many other priorities around the house though.
  19. Thanks for posting! Love to see photos Good you're getting out there too - use the pig!!
  20. Little trip up to north Beaver Bank on Saturday afternoon to make Granddaddy Hill my *****.... Ended my day with a torn off shock but fun nonetheless
  21. MVI is up in June and my Rubicon Express Super Flex joints all need adjusting to take up some play in the nylon bushing. After 3 months and 6 cancelled online orders (due to back order), I finally found the tool in stock on ebay. I have tried to free up the collar, but they are rusted on good. Even with heat, a hammer and drif...no joy. I also started to make a tool, but glad this has finally arrived its beefy!! Hoping a few ugga duggas on it will break it loose
  22. Welcome. Did you buy that YJ off Bill...looks familiar
  23. I bought the YJ from Bill. Good buddy of mine.
  24. Yessir, good eye. Dave's Zuk too
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